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Suggestions would be very HELPFUL!!!

Posted by Anonymous-36c7eaab in Kidney & Bladder, Jan 14, 2012

I posted the other day under LT Kidney Problem. I am new to this and I am a my wits end. I don't know what else to do. I have researched all I can in regards to kidneys. I live in a small town in Missouri. So our medical treatments are limited. We have to travel for good medical care. I saw a kidney specialist but at this point he seems to be no help. He was puzzled himself while I was in the hospital where he had to consult with a doctor from somewhere else. My family doctor bless her heart is doing all she knows but she does not specialize in kidneys. I worry everyday if this will be the day that it shuts down again for good while I wait out this process. During this wait I am going through of not knowing what if whatever it is effects my right kidney and it goes. I AM SO SCARED because I DON'T KNOW what is going on with my body. Any suggestions would be GREATLY APPRECIATED!!!!! Thank You

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Posted by @bcollier, Jan 16, 2012

I know how you feel when nobody replies! And I'm not sure I can be of any help but my son-in-law had blood in his urine about a month ago and said his urine was "frothy" looking; he had also been feeling bloated a lot, so he went to the doctor. Told it was a kidney infection and gave the usual antibiotics. He is 28. So he took the antibiotics and the blood was still there. FINALLY, today he was diagnosed with Glomerulonephritis. I read about this on the Mayo site and if I understood correctly the course of treatment will depend upon if this kidney disease is "acute" or "chronic". Either way, I pray for a good diagnosis which could possibly result in doing nothing but taking medication. Did you get a diagnosis?? If not, you should do whatever it takes to make that appointment, no matter how far and inconvenient, and go!! I will continue to pray for you and the means you need to find out what is wrong. Good luck and May God Bless!


Posted by @gswright, Jan 17, 2012

Thank you bcollier I was diagnosed with Acute Renal Failure upon my hospitalization stay. Upon discharge was told everything was looking good and I was fine. Now a week later my urine has decreased tremendously and I'm afraid its starting over again. My family doctor is also worried and since the kidney specialist who treated me in the hospital is not being very cooperative. So we are at a standstill sorta speak trying to find another doctor. I go back to my family doctor in the morning for more tests. Hopefully I will get an answer soon before its too late and my kidneys shut down completely and I have to go on dialysis or have a transplant. I will also in return pray for your son-in-law that all works out in his favor. And MAY GOD CONTINUE TO BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY!!

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