Sugar alcohols

Posted by brandicoons2000 @brandicoons2000, Mar 19, 2021

Can I have sugar alcohols with autoimmune hepatitis or PBC? Many sugar substitutes seem to have sugar alcohols or Eryithol.

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Am I right in assuming you have autoimmune hepatitis or primary biliary cirrhosis (PBC)?


@brandicoons2000 Welcome to MayoClinicConnect. Can you tell us a bit more about your hepatitis or PBC? Is this a new diagnosis for you?
As for the sugar alcohol, I would suggest asking the physician who diagnosed you. He or she would know the severity or mildness of your disease the best. That’s one problem I’ve found with the autoimmune disease I have and all the medications that go along with it. My AD is in my brain, but I do have to consider what can affect my liver and kidneys also. Learning what is safe to take and what is not. Will you let us know what you learn?


I don't know anything about autoimmune disorders, sorry. I only know from my animal science class that shipping fever in calves is from stress after taking the babies from their mother and then loading and shipping them to a new owner. They are vaccinated these days and then don't get pneumonia. Makes sense to me that stress is bad for immune deficiences and that eating a healthy diet supports a good immune system in people. I only had a mild case of the virus with no fever and credit it to my healthy diet I have eaten for many, many years. I am not really vulnerable at age 85. Dorisena


Avoid them as much as you can. I believe they cause gastric distress. They are mostly found in processed foods and drink, so awareness is great. We look for cane sugar or splenda in items. Otherwise, we avoid.


I know I sound like an old fashioned grouch, but I remind everyone that cooking and eating fresh food from scratch and avoiding prepared food in boxes is the easiest way to have a healthy diet and better health. It is safer and enjoyable to learn to cook simple foods. If it isn't in the house, you don't have it to eat and you are less likely to do harm. Plan for variety to keep it from being boring. We have many choices these days. Dorisena

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