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Suddenly stopping Adderall

Posted by @bunnyk in Mental Health, Jul 5, 2012

My insurance is messing with me and I will soon be totally out of Adderall (I've been on this med for 15+ yrs). Anyone know what I can expect when I run out?

Tags: mental health, sudden med stoppage


Posted by @joycegroenke, Jul 5, 2012

Bunny, what does your physician say about this?


Posted by @bunnyk, Jul 5, 2012

My physician pretty much just says insurance co. "is ridiculous". She's sooo right. When I saw her we didn't know they would take quite this long and I didn't think I would run out. Think I'll cut back for a few days and hope I don't run out. Your question did make me think that if it gets serious, she might have samples around to get me through. Thanks for asking.

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