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Stroke Webinar: Prevention & Diagnosis and Surgical & Non-surgical Treatment Options: This webinar [...]

Wed. Mar 4, 2015 at 12:00 pm CST

This webinar will cover a variety of stroke topics. Dr. Robert Brown will be discussing the Prevention and Diagnosis of Stroke and Dr. Giuseppe Lanzino will discuss the Surgical and Non-surgical Treatment Options for Stroke. Both physicians will answer questions after their presentations. Speakers include: - Dr. Robert Brown, Jr - Dr. Giuseppe Lanzino Would you like to: Request An Appointment Learn More About Stroke

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Anonymous wrote:

I have had 3 past strokes & have experienced old stroke symptoms on my last Tia/stroke, But how do you know if your having old stroke symptoms or new one?

Posted Wed, Mar 4 at 12:49pm CST

From Dr. Brown, if a new stroke is occurring you would have the sudden onset of new symptoms. Those symptoms could be a worsening of symptoms that you had experience for months or years following a prior stroke, or, the symptoms might be very different from those that you have experienced previously.

Posted Mon, Mar 9 at 1:36pm CST


Maysie wrote:

As an RN working with stroke pts, I've read that glucose monitoring post stroke (regardless if diabetic) is important... but doesn't seem to be ordered.... should it be part of post acute stroke care?

Posted Wed, Mar 4 at 12:43pm CST


nardene rizk wrote:

what we could do for follow up of TIA ?

Posted Wed, Mar 4 at 12:38pm CST


Jewels wrote:

Is there such a thing as having old stroke symptoms?

Posted Wed, Mar 4 at 12:34pm CST

You can ask questions of the experts here

Posted Tue, Dec 23 at 12:34pm CST