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Posted by @udayasharma in Just Want to Talk, Nov 16, 2011

I suddenly had pain in my heart since yesterday and checked the symptoms of stroke .I can't tell whetheritis indigestion or symptoms of stroke . I am watching. I do take medications for my blood pressure and do regular exercise .I am underweight very slim and trim .and yeti am hacingproblems I don't smoke occasionally drink wine

. I hope that someone would share their experience .

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Posted by @joycegroenke, Nov 16, 2011

Please contact your doctor.

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Posted by @nativefloridian, Nov 17, 2011

I agree, go get a stress test and ecg and whatever else the cardiac doctor wants to give you before you exercise. I did that after having some mild chest pains that turned out to just be muscle spasms after horsebackriding. Better to be safe than sorry!

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Posted by @udayasharma, Nov 17, 2011


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