Stretching and bending knees in a hot tub

Posted by marthajean @marthajean, Apr 8, 2019

I have recently been trying to more frequently stretch and bend in a hot tub and immediately after I get out. Although I arrive home after 9:00 p.m. daily, I am beginning to feel making the effort to get into the hot tub for 30 minutes daily is helping. I have had scar tissue and limited mobility since my TKR, now more than 2 years ago. However, I think there has been some a slight improvement. When I first started doing this, I experienced discomfort in both knees and some burning in the right knee. However, after taking a 500 mg aspirin about once a day and forcing myself to do squats, am starting to feel less tightness and almost no discomfort. Has anyone else tried this?

Hi @marthajean – I haven't tried it but I wish I had! I live in FL. The other day it was 82 degrees so I decided to go to the pool and exercise there. I just had a TKR on 1/29/19. I was so disappointed. The water was still so cold that I couldn't comfortably get in and move around even in bright sunshine. I think I'm going to reactivate my membership to a wellness center with an indoor pool. It's always nice and warm but not a hot tub. Can you share what kind of exercises you do? I'm going to try to follow your good example!

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