Stress echo and Ejection Fractions

Posted by kittycope2 @kittycope2, May 30 9:24am

Are stress echocardiograms able to give ejection fraction percentage numbers or is that possible only with a regular echocardiogram? I was told a catherization would have to be done to get the numbers.

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Echocardiograms are used to give a EF. They will sometimes use a dye to see better. I have then done about every 2 years by my heart failure doctor.

I read somewhere on MCC about a post on heart failure doctor and PCP. At Mayo Jacksonville PCPs refer you to specialists when needed. And if you have heart failure you do need a heart failure specialist.

If you are having a stress test echocardiogram that is a great test to see how your heart reacts during exercise. Routine echocardiogram only show EF of hear at rest. I was told sometimes you can have what call a lazy heart. Means it does not beat heart a rest but goes up with exercise. So your stress echocardiogram is a great test for you and makes me believe you have an outstanding cardiologist who ordered it.

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