Strabismus due to ruptured AVM

Posted by avmcbellar @avmcbellar, Jun 8, 2020

Has anyone gone through optical surgery to correct their strabismus, a misalignment of the eyes causing double vision? I am interested in finding a doctor with experience and good success rates.

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Hi @colleenyoung, thank you so much for this discussion. I could not find anyone who had experienced strabismus. Mine is caused by palsy of the cranial nerve 4 which is responsible for moving the eye inward and downward. I have had double vision ever since my ruptured AVM almost 4 years ago. Recently I developed an eye strain due to the torsion. Now that my nerves have settled down I went to my neuro ophthalmologist for a new assessment. I was disappointed to discover a prism offered no help. I was told of a very fine surgery that could help eliminate the double,vision. The surgery is so fine that an over adjustment would still cause double vision. With that scenario, wearing a prism in my glasses will help. I am nervous because the surgery sounds like a one time shot to get it right and the results will be permanent. Thank you again for the information. I live in central Florida and would prefer to find a surgeon close to home if possible. I am willIng to travel to find a strabismus surgeon with a good success rate.


Has anyone had motion sickness due to their strabismus? If so, was there a decrease in motion sickness after the corrective surgery?

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