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Stop Smoking 8 day residential program

Posted by @susanbh in Healthy Living, Aug 28, 2011

I HAVE to quit smoking and don't feel that I can do it in my current enviorment. I live alone and am self-employed and work out of my home. Isolation is a huge issue with my smoking, so I am interested in attending the 8 day program. Has anyone out there been through this treatment and if so, did it work?

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Posted by @browndogs47, Mar 3, 2012

I attended the Mayo Clinic's stop smoking residential program seven years ago, and I am still smoke-free. There are usually 10 people admitted per session. You will have your own private room, complete with tv and bathroom. There is a nurse's station, exercise room, group therapy room and community room, where you will eat meals, play games, watch tv, read, and have computer access. Most of the days are spent in class (learning about the addiction of nicotine), group and private therapy and class 'outings'. You are not allowed out of the center for the first few days; after that you can go out on the buddy system. You are required to blow into a device when you re-enter the facility, which tells them if you have been smoking while outside the facility.
Your first day at the program will be spent getting medical testing in reference to your smoking: how much oxygen is in your system, BP, heart rate, lung function, etc. All cigarettes and lighters are thrown out late afternoon. The doctors then prescribe which medications or smoking substitutes (and the dosages) are right for you. You are NOT cut off from nicotine cold turkey.
All of the doctors and staff are ex-smokers, which means they possess great compassion and are non-judgmental. I cannot recommend their services too highly; they saved my life, and I am thankful to them to this day.
PS. I had smoked for 38 years!


Posted by @susanbh, Mar 3, 2012

Dear Browndog- I really enjoyed your message today. I posted my inquiry in September of last year and ended up attending the session which started on October 7-15. It was exactly as you have described here and I am still smoke free after 5+ months. Not exactly seven years, but I will get there. I too cannot recommend the Mayo program highly enough. I had smoked for 50 years and never thought I had a chance to quit, but Mayo saved my life too. If anyone out there is considering this program.........stop thinking about it and just do it!!


Posted by @browndogs47, Mar 4, 2012

Oh Susan, I am so happy for your success! I am curious about how your life changed, as my own changed in many ways. I am now actively involved in yoga, have traveled extensively (no more nicotine withdrawal during long flights!) and am a good role model for my grandson. I repainted just about every room in my house upon returning home and cleaned like a banshee to get rid of the cigarette smell. I banned smoking in my house, but am sympathetic to those still hooked on the 'green meanies'.
It has opened up my life in innumerable ways. I can go where I want, do what I want, without that smoking monkey on my back: where can I smoke, do I have enough cigarettes, do I have a lighter, etc. What glorious freedom!
Were Dr.Hurt and Patrick still with the program when you were there? Love those guys!! Best wishes for continued success. 🙂


Posted by @susanbh, Mar 5, 2012

Thank you so much for your encouragement. My life has not changed yet except for the fact I no longer smoke(which is a biggy)! I had never smoked in my house or allowed anyone else too, so at least I didn't have to contend with the smell when I got home. My biggest deal was washing and dry cleaning my clothes. Like you, my biggest cheerleaders have been my three granddaughters(9,7,3). It is a wonderful freedom not to have to be concerned about where and how I can smoke my next cigarette and I know that I could not have done it without the Mayo program. Yes, Patrick(my counselor) and Dr. Hurt are still very much involved and like you, I am crazy about them!! My group of 10 did form a strong bond too and we still email back and forth. I wish you well in the future and hope that there are many more to follow our success stories.

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