Stomach problems after Jaw Surgery

Posted by VanessaH @vanessah, Jan 28, 2013

I am Vanessa
22 years old & i was born with a left lip and pallet.
I have had 22 surgeries ( not at mayo) but am needing advice.
Almost 3 years ago i had a jaw surgery, It went great ( i have the best smile a girl can ask for) But after getting off of a liquid diet in Nov 2010 i started to have horrible stomach pain after eating. I started to not be able to eat anything, anything i did eat would either run right through me or cause such horrible stomach pain i could not get out of bed. I had every test done under the sun you can think of, they have tested me for everything but nothing comes back with an answer. I recently went to a gluten free diet which helps BUT i can not keep weight on. I can go from 100 lbs to 90 lbs in 2 weeks so because of this i have to eat some foods that upset my stomach. These stomach pains are starting to interfere with my every day life. No one is South Dakota has seen this & i cant find a single person who understands how bad the pain can get or anyone who can help me.
So my question is… am i the only one with this problem or has anyone else seen or had this problem after having a Jaw Surgery. If So! What was your diagnosis & what can be done.
Anything helps! So Please Comment! I Just Want Answers!

Not sure about the jaw surgery part, and I’m no Dr. either, have they tested you for gastrointestinal illnesses? The stomach pain after eating reminds me of my illness. Have them do a Colonoscopy to see what its looking like in there. But you issue seem gastric related. Best of luck to you.

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