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stomach polyps

Posted by @linnamarie, Aug 15, 2012

I have had stomach polyps for 7 years. Gastronintrologists say they have never seen this many or this large. Today I had 3 removed for biopsy. The size of each was 3cm. 1cm is normal size. He is suggesting that since I have over 100 polyps in my stomach and have over 2/3 of my stomach covered in these, that I have 2/3 of my stomach removed. He said there is no way to determine if I have cancer without doing this. Advice, help, anyone have experience with this?



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Posted by @anon41768093, Nov 13, 2012

My stomach is carpeted with what the call fundic polyps but I also have Familial Adenomatous Polyposis so it is common that I have them. For now they just monitor them and biopsy a few with each scope. Since you posted this in August have you gotten the biopsy results back?


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Posted by @nrkishore, Nov 24, 2012

I read somewhere fish oil used for six months daily can help vanish polyps . I started taking one week ago only strong extra strength fish oil capsules . Will update u soon the progress

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