Stomach pains

Posted by dinolino201 @dinolino201, Jun 19, 2021

Hi, I have been getting stomach pains over the past month. I have been eating a little bit because I stop getting hungry for a six months already and I only needed water and a meal to feel full. But lately, I have been stomach pains that make me feel I'm dying and its in middle of my belly button. But as well, when the pain goes away, it goes into my uterus and its like a fiery pain that doesn't go for a few minutes.
I don't think I have malnutrition, but its something new for me. Also, I am currently a college student and a female too.

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Hi @dinolino201 welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. Connect members are not medical professionals and therefore can’t diagnose health problems. However, we can use our own personal experiences and insights to help find answers, give suggestions and offer encouragement.

It sounds like you’re having some unsettling stomach issues if it’s causing you not to eat and having so much pain. I’m so sorry you’re experiencing all of these symptoms. Being a college student, I’m sure you’re under a great deal of pressure and could be experiencing an ulcer…which should be diagnosed and treated. However there are a number of other symptoms, such as the fullness and the radiating pains which are having me raise my eyebrows a little.

If you were my daughter, I’d be encouraging you to please make an appointment with your health care provider. It really is in your best interest to have this checked out as soon as possible/ Are you still on campus for the summer or returning home?
Do you have a primary care physician?

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