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stomach pain

Posted by @xtina in Digestive Health, Dec 15, 2011

I am a 30 year old female and I have Chrons disease. I have SEVERE abdominal pain, diarrhea and nausea. I am on my period at the moment and my symptoms are even worse. My labs show that I am not in a chrons flare but my symptoms are VERY real, I am worried about what could be going on and nobody seems to have any answers. Please help!


Posted by @mkhan1, Dec 15, 2011

Hello there, I can understand the situation you are passing through but the symptoms you told are not necessarily due to your Crohn, you may have other asociated medical condition with similar symtoms. If you give details about the symptoms I may give you some explanation.....


Posted by @goldfinger, Dec 15, 2011

I posted a comment that was directed to you. Havnt really
gottn the hang of this site yet.

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Posted by @janflan, Dec 19, 2011

same here, Im very new to this.


Posted by @anon89880224, Dec 16, 2011

Could be caused from your period?
I know certain problems for me get worse when I'm mensturating.

Could be from the fluctuations in your hormones, as well as slight changes in your body during period. ( weight gain, fatigue, cramping, hormones , ect.)
If it continues next cycle, maybe seek advice .


Posted by @goldfinger, Dec 20, 2011

Some times doctors can be disrespectful, this is so very true
its almost as if they dont care anthing about your feelings
or what comes out of there mouth. An to top it off, they wanna
give you whats they want to to have, not what would really makr
you feel better.


Posted by @anon99751447, Dec 31, 2011

Very true. Plus, very often, doctors are wrong/don't know what to say, so to sound smart they throw something insensitive at you. I have had gastroparesis for 5 years and my pain recently increased. A doc I saw said I was faking and probably didn't even have it anymore, but to appease me he'd run the tests. Turns out its much worse than before and pretty bad. He never showed his face to me after that test 🙂 so try other docs with a more wide-view of the body cus there might be another thing amplifying your pain that a doc who is only looking at the Chrons might not notice.


Posted by @xtina, Mar 8, 2012

I think that is a great suggestion, in theory...The problem I have come into is that every doctor I have seen (and that is 12 different opinions/ doctors) and they all say the same thing! My OB thought about removing my uterus but he says that there are really no guarantees, these doctors really do not have a clue about what to do...that is why I came on here,.I am desperate and going broke from hearing the same thing over and over again from the doctors such as "it is probably from your chrons: or "maybe you have colitis too, then I get to hear the news about how there is no cure and ya know so it will never really go away no matter what I do) One thing to remember for me is that doctors are just people like we are and all they did was go to college like some of us did, sometimes I have to wonderr they are just guessing


Posted by @xtina, Mar 8, 2012

I could not agree with you more! I was told for years that I was just fine and that I was just trying get pain medicine yer everyday in the could not get out of the bathroom and live a normal life and feel healthy.Come to find out later after being taken to harborview Medical Center when I was 104lbs (im 5'9") they said that the reason I could not eat and I was in such extreme pain with such a bad infection that I need to go have emergency surgery or I could die.
Those other doctors neglected me and treated me like drug addict or something because I was 23 and I had a life threatening auto-immune is so messed up that it is hard for me to even think about sometimes...those doctors were supposed to help me but they assumed something horrible about me and I almost did...they never listen to anyone, they feel entitled and far more knowledgeble than others....What ever happened to Patch Adams?


Posted by @nativefloridian, Dec 21, 2011

Have you had a colonoscopy?


Posted by @xtina, Mar 8, 2012

-Yes, I have had approx 8-10 colonoscopies and about 3 endoscopies.


Posted by @powerofpositive, Dec 31, 2011

Have your periods always been episodic? Many women suffer with difficult/symptomatic periods. Maybe you should see a GYN since your symptoms increase with your cycle.


Posted by @xtina, Mar 8, 2012

Not really, my periods have usually been every month regularly, however since my chrons and colitis diagnosis they are extremely painful and they make me feel like I am not only in dire pain but I am nauseated and sick and just tired and miserable with migranes. I saw a OB and his opinion was that it MIGHT help if I got a histerectomy but there are no guarantees that it will even make a difference (no cure--story of my life), but I really do appreciate you taking the time to listen to me and give me such great input about what to do...Thank you!


Posted by @glutenfreecuredmycrohns, Jan 6, 2012

You are correct...nobody has an answer. Well, I went gluten-free after 16 years of Crohns and it all went away. Eat one meal w/o gluten...flour, oat, rye, wheat and you should not experience any bloating or pain from trapped gas. Continue gluten-free and it should all get better if gluten is your problem.


Posted by @xtina, Mar 8, 2012

I agree! I was told my a natruralpathic doctor that I do have a pretty bad reaction to gluten so I do tend to stay away from it alot, in fact to be honest I don't really eat much at all because of all the pain I feel when I do just does not seem worth it to me. I can't tell you how right you are though, thank you so much for showing a concern for me...I really appreciate your input and great advise! 🙂


Posted by @sinamin, Jul 2, 2012

Stomach pain is the worst feeling ... Doctors don't seem to want to diagto diagnosenose chrons at least mine don't seem to. I know I have it with the high emz and the fat dierhiea..then all the constpation. The passing out on tolite .the just look at u like u r crazy. u just hav to take steps to take treat yourself over counter med and the correct cholesterol meds. And watch what we eat . I luv pizza but my body hates it . I Take about 6 provac daily. that helps me . i know how u feel though

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