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Stomach pain

Posted by @anon87137376, Oct 21, 2012

Does Anyone know what liver failure symptoms are or what they would look like in a teen? Or even any upper right side stomach pain?!?



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Posted by @anon74845467, Oct 24, 2012

I had upper right pain also, did blood work, x-rays ect. My doc found nothing. Two days later I visited my chiropractor and told him about it, the pain ended up being my rib head had come out of place. He said this is a common injury, popped it right back in! If your liver was failing you would have jaundice, urination problems ect…google liver issues and check your symptoms 🙂


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Posted by @bettyann, Oct 25, 2012

Unless a person has been a heavy drinker for quite some time, there is no need to expect liver failure. It could be an ulcer, or gastritis, or trapped gas due to a blockage (which could be connected with constipation) … Depending upon how long this has been going on, it might be a good idea to visit with a doctor just for your own peace of mind. You deserve that! 🙂 Good luck to you.

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