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Stomach Motility Disorders

Posted by @lballard, Jul 28, 2011

I have been told I have a stomach motility disorder. When I eat I vomit my food back up, right away or even 45 mins later. I’ve had numerous test and one xray showed my food emptied too fast.???

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Posted by @ronald1, Aug 14, 2011

I have joined this discussion specifically in order to communicate a reply.
There is a entity called Rumination disorder/syndrome of which impacts adolescents and adults.
The disorder is characterized by vomiting of solids and liquids, the behavior occurs soon after ingestion of a meal.
The behavior does not occur during sleep.
The vomiting is deemed to be fairly effortless. There is no retching.
Symptoms do not respond to standard treatment for GERD
The regurgitated food tastes as if it were recently swallowed
There is a negative workup for anatomical, neoplastic, autoimmune causes. I.e. There is no medical reason for your vomiting despite a thorough workup by your doctor

Of interest is that lack of awareness in the medical community of this disorder.
Currently this is a diagnosis made by gastroenterologists but surprisingly only a subset are aware of this entity.
The bad thing is that due to lack of awareness of the RomeIII criteria for this disorder the average interval before diagnosis is made is 2 years.

Due to the lack of awareness of this entity individuals with this disorder and frequently subjected to medical interventions/medications which are not necessary.
This may or may not be what you have but there are limited entities which result vomiting food back up 5 to 45 subsequent to eating.

Rumination disorder is an unwanted conditioned response. If this is what you actually have there is effective and fairly rapid therapeutic interventions for the disorder.
The problem individuals face is lack of awareness in the medical community, there are some superb psychologists and GI doctors who can treat this if the disorder is recognized and you can access care which is unfortunately frequently arduous.
If you look up rumination disorder classically it had been described as a disorder of developmentally disordered young children the disorder of which I mention about impacts adolescents and adults, frequently very smart ones.

You may or may not have this entity.ave the results Hopefully you have a doctor that you can trust. Speak with your doctor. Good luck and God bless.

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