Stomach cancer surgery

Posted by destinnana @destinnana, Mar 27, 2019

My sister in law had stomach cancer surgery a month ago today. 1/4 of her stomach was removed. She’s had so many problems. Been in and out of the hospitals numerous times. It wasn’t done at Mayo, at a small Alabama hospital. She’s had nothing but problems. As it turned out, the surgeon put the stitches in too tight and another procedure was done unsuccessfully to try and open them up more. In the end, she had to have the entire surgery redone and is still in the hospital. Has had constant nausea, throwing up bile, can’t have a bowel movement. Her bowels are having a hard time waking up. Any suggestions? I feel so sorry for her.

Hello @destinnana

I just now saw your March 27 post. I'm sorry for the delay in responding.

I feel so badly for your sister's situation. This sounds so difficult! She must be very discouraged. My only thought is to see if she can be transferred to a multi-disciplinary hospital, such as a university medical center or a Mayo facility. Probably the closest Mayo Clinic would be in Jacksonville, Florida.

Is a transfer to a different hospital a possibility for her?


Hello @destinnana, As you posted earlier this year regarding your sister's problems post-stomach surgery, I was just wondering about her. I hope she is doing better now.

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