Stomach ache

Posted by Iman @iman_im, Oct 10, 2016

My 12 years old daughter is every now and then complaining of stomach pain, it is in the middle part and she seems not comfortable but after couple of hours she is well. there is no constipation or gases. No specific food allergies.
Could this be due to the preparation of the body for the period? did anyone face same?

Iman, there can be so many causes to a young girl having stomach aches. Here is an article from that explains a variety of possible causes, as well as when to see a doctor and what you do. Also some stomach issues may not be related to digestive issues. Has she been under stress lately? Anything going on at school like exams or issues with friends?


Hi iman_im, it is so difficult when our kids aren’t feeling well. Here is a link for some information on when to see your md.

Hope this helps


thanks a lot for your help, i’ll check the link

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