Posted by kristinagilberts @kristinagilberts, Sep 27 8:57am

I have little bumps or clustered rashes on my vulva and close to my anus!!!
I asked a friend she said it might be genital warts????
How do I know it is?
I’m scared to go to the hospital

Hi Kristina, it’s always unnerving when we have odd ‘things’ happening in our private areas and even more anxiety raising when we think of having to go to a doctor to have this checked out.
There’s a range of emotions of fear, panic, embarrassment, what’s the treatment?? Our minds always play out the worst case scenario.

There’s no reason to worry about having to go to a hospital for these symptoms. But honestly, this one of those times I’d suggest making an appointment with either a primary care physician or a gynecologist. You can ask for a female doctor if that would make the appointment easier for you. They are medical professionals and have seen it all. It would give you some peace of mind just to know what’s going on. It may be a just simple rash and easily treated.

Do you have any itching, pain or burning with this rash?

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