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Sternal infection from open heart sugery

Posted by @spcarlson in Heart & Blood Health, Mar 18, 2012

I recently had quintuple coronary bypass surgery (not at Mayo). Two days after I developed a severe methicillin staph aureus infection in my sternum, this is a staph infection which does not respond to many antibiotics. The chest cleaning process went on for ten days (37 days total in the hospital) When they finally closed me up they had to leave my sternum open and do a bilateral pectoralis advancement flaps surgery. This has left me quite affected in basic day to day tasks not to mention my career. If there is anyone else out there who has undergone this type of procedure I would like to communicate with you.

Most sincerely,

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Posted by @ginacostello, Jul 18, 2012

God bless you. I know this is giving you many problems, but at this point you should take every day as a special gift and figure out how to enjoy them. This could be the time to realize how precious every day is.


Posted by @spcarlson, Jul 19, 2012

Hello Gina:

Thank you for your words and thoughts. Having come very close to losing my life this has indeed had a profound effect on my day to day actually moment to moment living. I do not know how much time I have, but then, none of us do, so each day is a gift each moment a blessing.

God bless,


Posted by @ginacostello, Jul 19, 2012

Dear Steven,
Thank you for not taking my post incorrectly. My husband has been through a rough time since his hospital aquired MRSA also. I just felt that since sometimes there isn't much one can say, in your case with it already reaching a very critical part of your body I should just remind you. We all must be reminded how precious our time is. Times are hard today and life is a financial burden, but somehow when this terrible creature of MRSA strikes our lives we have to just try try try. I have been reading about this special non acicdity type of water that has been a miracle to some. Apparently the non acidity diet is the way to tame it and sugar is a food that it feeds on. But, sometimes I wonder if the pleasures are worth giving up, so I feel if we can just be as healthy and HAPPY as we can that might be a better answer. My husband has offered to take part in a study that I know of, but his reoccurrances have been slow to none unless you count the lathargic and run down times. I hope you have some company around. When I read these blogs I wonder if people are alone. My husband's situation was a workers comp. thing and they may want him to have another surgery. His main concern because of other health problems are to provide for us, so I think he will and I am afraid because if the MRSA is in the bone it may set it off again. Expensive tests and Dr's could not tell so I guess there's only one way to find out. We may be in a deserate situation again too. I have to tell you that my daughter and I had carbuncles and mine was actually deep in the skin and had to be lanced, leaving a big scar. I don't care, but it is stressful to keep my younger son and elderly mother in law well.
So, your post was a while ago, what is going on now?
Gina Costello

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