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Stepping Stones through the Darkness

Posted by @randi1966, Dec 6, 2011

I started this book about my experiences as a person with mental illness about 5 years ago. It is still unfinished as I seem to always consider it more of a Bipolar highwayy that I am on. All the twists and turns, ups and downs have made me so sick that I can hardly remember where I have been and when I was there. It’s frustrating. I just came off a one year depression. Sometimes i still feel I am in a bit of it. My anxiety gets out of control most days.I have a very hard time staying focussed. My love for writing doesnt even seem to be as exciting as it once was. I feel like my creative juices have evaporated. I almost wish I could be a little manic…but for me there is no such thing as “a little” ~~~
I am hoping that I can make some friends to talk to on this web page who have the same illness. Mine is extreme and would like to find someone who also has had such experiences. Please email me at if you are interested in talking. Thank you,,,,

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Posted by @mentalhealthnut, Dec 11, 2011

Randi – I sent you an email just a little while ago. The difficulty with dealing with depression is that you don’t have anything to look forward to. Be around boyant people is something that is really, really important. I know that being depressed is hard, but I have a different problem. I live with a delusional mind. I am not schizophrenic, but every 3 to 4 years I have an episode with my schizoaffective disorder that sends me reeling. I just don’t know what to tell you other than I needed to do some work in order to change my behavior for my own life. I lost my female counter half in a divorce this year and it is a wake up call to realize that you have to deal with your own actions. Pushing yourself to see outside the box is important. I can’t believe I am telling you this after my own life is made up of sad experiences as well. I am not sure what keeps me going. But keep the faith my friend. Stay hopeful and find something that you want to do with you life. Hang in there. Your friend. Fritz

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Posted by @nativefloridian, Dec 19, 2011

I agree that you will always need to take responsibility for your actions and behavior. Sometimes we all do and say things we regret, the key is not to dwell upon your mistakes. If you are suffering from depression, ask yourself what can you change in your life that will make you happy. I’ve suffered from depression a few times in my life, however, the latest depression was situational. I did not always believe that it was possible, but I now know that circumstances can cause a depression to come on when one feels they can not change things. Many times we don’t even realize that we may be around people that have definite mental health issues and they are dragging us down into the gutter with them. The pit of hell is not where anyone needs to be. If you don’t enjoy things that you used to like to do, you are probably depressed again. Either seek medical attention and talk therapy to work through your sadness and/or change your situation. Surround yourself with happy, healthy people and you will find yourself feeling better soon. The combination of therapy, medicine and healthy relationships is key to your happiness. No one deserves to live this life in misery. You don’t have to, just make wise choices and get professional help if you need to. Misery loves company, don’t make the mistake habitually choosing other depressed people as your companions because they will only depress you further. Encourage them to get help but keep healthy boundaries for your own mental health. I speak from experience and have witnessed a wonderful, brilliant man I know live with someone that has caused him to become mentally unstable due to his rich sexual fantasy life. It is sad, in the name of marriage, no man should behave in the ways in which he behaves. He should separate himself from his very ill (mentally and physically) wife in order to find peace, healing and the mental health he deserves.


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Posted by @kturd, Apr 6, 2012

You should write your book…I have had diabetes for 18-19 years now..I have to remind and constantly train myself on signals for my body…I am dating a bipolar man and would like some insight on what you go through mentally/physically….I love him and only want to help….I just dont think its an excuse to be hurtful towards someone..I guess i could be angry and upset im diabetic…maybe i just dont understand..

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