Stem Cells / Regeneration and Lung Disease

Posted by wba3721 @wba3721, Oct 29, 2018

Still looking for stem cell treatment for Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis. Is anyone aware of a sucessful treatment program?


There is a place Lung Health Institute that according to their website uses stem cell Cellular (PRP-PC) for COPD lung rejuvenation. Legit? I feel like I need to try something before it gets worse, my current doctors say there is nothing else they can do to improve my breathing.
Im 56 have been diagnosed with moderate COPD after spending two years in Afghanistan and bypass heart surgery. Prior to all of this I was very active. Unfortunately i do have a PAST history of tobacco use, but have been quit for 2 years now (with no improvement).

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@merrymary, like @dfallan, others in this community have warned against the claims made by the Lung Health Institute. For example, see this post by @windwalker
It is important that you do your research.

I recommend calling Mayo Clinic Regenerative Medicine department 1-844-276-2003 . The Consult Service can help answer your questions about legitimacy of stem cell therapies offered.

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