Stem cells instead of knee replacement

Posted by vanessac1357 @vanessac1357, Mar 23, 2019

Hello, I need two knee replacements, but was wondering about stem cells. Would that be a alternative?

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It could be. A lot depends on how the knees present status. I would recommend taking your mri's to a legitimate Dr who is ethical. Check with Mayo Clinic and Regennex,/ I used Regenexx because it is close to where i live. Stay away from snake oil sales people. Make sure they use your stem cells.


Hi @vanessac1357 – Welcome to Connect! I have had two knee replacements – the most recent in January 2019. I am really delighted with the results and can't say enough good things about my orthopedic surgeon at Mayo Jacksonville. I don't know very much about stem cells as an alternative to TKR but here is a video that discusses a clinical trial that Mayo is doing in that regard:
I wonder if you could share a little more about your current situation: are you having pain and trouble with mobility? have you had an evaluation by an orthopedic surgeon you trust? I agree with @cobweb that the challenge is going to be finding an ethical and knowledgeable doctor who can determine whether the stem cell route is a viable option.

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