Stem Cells Cream for face skin to restore flaccid skin due Lupus.

Posted by lucywilson @lucywilson, Jun 18, 2021

I was diagnosed with a rare case of SLE, which involves the temporomandibular joint,
causing severe face inflammation. Recently my treatment started to kick in, and my face returned to normal, but my skin was heavily flaccid due to all the time my face was swollen. My dermatologist recommended I use Stem Cells Cream, and after a month, my skin had returned back to normal. The only problem was the high price it has, with no insurance covering it. But in the end it was totally worth it

I hope this reaches someone who might have the same issue. Much love!

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That’s wonderful @lucywilson ! I’m so glad the stem cell cream worked for you. Will you need to use it frequently or will your skin stay normal?


Hello @lucywilson and welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. Thank you for joining the Autoimmune Group and sharing your experience with stem cell cream. Where did you learn about it and how long have you had lupus?

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