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Posted by myrtannhynes2023 @myrtannhynes2023, Oct 10 12:19pm

hi just wondering if anyone with parkinsons has tried stem cell treatment
i just got diagonsed and i thik the drs left it too long just now after over a year with this only now taking meds
any suggestions

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Welcome to Connect @myrtannhynes2023 I have limited knowledge of Parkinson’s disease but I see you’ve already posted in another area of our Parkinson’s Disease support group so hopefully you’ll be able to get some help from other members who have experience with what you’re going through.

However, I did a little research into the stem cell treatment possibilities for your condition. As of right now, it appears in the US that stem cell treatments are still in trial phase and it won’t be available for some time.

According to the FDA, this has not been approved for treatment and patients need to be aware of the dangers/side effects should anyone be offered these treatments. Here’s the informational article on the FDA website about regenerative medicine therapies.
More information about the trials being run:
Medical News Today. Dated 9–6-23
You can search for potential clinical trials for Parkinson Disease treatments here:
What medications has your doctor prescribed for you?


Has anyone tried Focused Ultrasound. I read a little about it but don’t know enough. Help me, please

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