Stem cell injection in knee to avoid surgery?

Posted by cschultz8 @cschultz8, Jan 28, 2019

I'm hoping to try stem cell at about $5,000 per knee. I have done SynviscOne shots, AmnioFlex shots at $1,500 each and now one shot of Hymovis. I will do one stem cell first and see if there is any improvement. I really want to avoid TKR as long as possible. My pain lever is about a 2, but I have developed a limp that bothers me. Any one done stem cell? Did it work? How long did it last? Thanks, Charmayne

i have had stem cell injections for about 3 years. Hopefully you are using your stem cells. I had mine taken from my hip. If your Dr says its from a babies or from a box, run, dont walk out of the office. My treatment has worked. The unknown is how long does it last. I had the blood injection 6 moths ago to counter arthritis and that worked really well. I used Drs who were trained by Regenexx.
I have friends who went to a family Dr who purchased cells from a salesman. He tried it and it did not work as the cells were dead. You want your stem cells and not a babies.
After the cells were taken from the hip they were mixed with my blood and stirred for 3 hours. Then injected. Good luck. any questions, ask.


To CSchultz8, i looked up those other meds you took. It seems they are for short term use. I hope they have provided some relief.

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