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Staph Infection (MSSA( in ankle

Posted by @hrcjhuber9441, Dec 2, 2011

Hi; In Aug ’10 I had a “Clean Out” operation on my left Ankle to remove some bone spurs. Then about 12 days after the procedure I woke up early on a Sunday with a Temp of 103.8. I took 2 Motrin and fever went down rather fast and I was back down to normal within 90 mins or so. I went to emergency room to make sure I did not have a blood clot in my leg. I also had a little leakage near the surgery site and the dr. on duty did a swab. Monday was labor day so the hospital called me on Tes am to tell me the culture came back and I have a staph infection. They also said they contacted my dr.that did the surgery and his office would be calling me shortly. They called me about an hour later and told me the Dr. has me scheduled for surgery on thurs. I asked why I needed surgery and I was told the Dr. needs to get the infection out out of my ankle. I did as instructed and reported for surgery on Thurs. I was in hospital for 4 days after surgery, then sent home to admimster and anti-biotic through a “pick-line.” I did this 3 times a day for 71/2 wks. My ankle has never been the same. I have a bad limp and stabbing pain. Front half of my foot feels like it’s half asleep or numb. Dr. told me it takes up to a year for bone to heal after being scrubbed to remove staph infection. Well, I founf a new Dr. & he ordered an imaging test to ckeck if there was any infection remaining. The imaging test showed an infection in the Talis Bone. Dr. told me I need surgery to geta biopsy on a pc on the Talis bone. Did that on 11-16-11 and results came back negative. I will be going in on 12-7-11 for a Fusion which is supposed to be the cure all.
My question to anyone who may know the answer is: is it standard procedure to operate and scrub the bones in the ankle to remove a staph (MSSA I was told) infection. Why would they not just put me on anti-biotic’s. I believe that the scrubbing was a little violent and has caused me misery for the past year & a
half. With yet another operation next week. And I have the feeling that this is not going to solve the problem.. Anyone out there know about the scrubbing procedure??? Thank you…………………………John



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Posted by @dougmelanie, May 20, 2012

John Interesting story, so sorry, very difficult and long. I have had a nightmare experience with a knee scope in March 2012. Went well, great recovery, no problems with alot less pain than before the scope. Exactly 3 weeks later, i went to PT with a vigorous session that day. I had a red bump/lump on one of the scope holes that seemed to be starting to drain and I brought that to the therapists attention. He put a compression gauze over it and said to watch it. Within 12 hours I got very very ill but even worse was the pain in the knee. 24 hours later I basically collapsed and could not put any weight on the knee with such pain I was out of my mind. I ended up in the ER and immediately after seeing the now 5X enlarged knee, drained off 100cc of molded crushed pineapple looking pus/fluid. I ended up in surgery within 6 hours to irrigate and clean out knee… took 1 1/2 hours to do so. It all went downhill from there. 5 days in hospital with pic line, newly developed heart murmur, severe septic hip pain developing, drains all pulled and I went home. 11 days of downhill getting worse. Infectious disease Dr. and orthopod decided to go back into knee and clean out again as things were regressing. Very very sick, high fevers for 15 days now, murmur, hip, pain relentless and so severe out of my mind. My wife is a nurse so I got to go home with her 24 hour care. It has been 7 1/2 weeks. I am up on a walker with only about 30% weight bearing, fevers gone, weak, fatigued, job not even a possibility at this point in time, pic line and antibiotics 3X day, and the pain has improved but still never goes away and severe with some days worse thatn others. My biggest concern is what in the world is happening…………Dr. wont give a direct answer to this as he says all patients are different. this is so slow and severe pain and am becoming mentally distraught. Did the second surgery help? Yes, it did. Was it necessary/ I believe so. Yet if I could get somebody who has been through this to help me, to teach me, to direct me, to comfort me. I feel we have everal similarities even though yours an ankle mine a knee. Respond if you can. And anyone else that can help me.
Thank you Doug


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Posted by @hrcjhuber9441, May 22, 2012

Sounds like your living a nightmare. My ankle is nothing compared to your knee problems. I’m not sure hospitals are as clean as they would like us to believe. There are infections foating all around in hospitals. Reason?? It’s my belief that they do a lot of Dry mopping or with a damp mop from room to room and transporting germs. My last few trips to the hospital, I watched closley as they cleaned my room and they need BLEACH in the water to kill germs. Plus the
people that are cleaning the rooms are more or less just going through the motions. Not only do thery not go the extra mile, they don’t go the extra inch.
I was in a room with a man that had some kind of infection in his neck. He left that night and his bed and the area around it was not cleaned that night. The next day they just took out the sheets and left everything else. No cleaning
In talking to many other people who contracted Staph infections in hospitals,
It sure appears that getting a staph infection in hospital are pretty common.
I sure hope and pray they get your knee back to normal and you come out of this without any side effects.
As for my ankle, I’ve had 2 more surgeries. 1 to take a piece of my Tallis bone
to check for staph infection. Imaging showed possible infection. Came out negitive, so on 12/7/12 I had an Ankle Fusion. 11 weeks in a cast with zero weight baring. Then 3 weeks in a boot, with gradual weight. Not using the boot anymore, but my ankle still swells up and my foot is numb all the time. Comming up on 6 months now and I don’t see myself ever being back to normal. I go see the doctor on 6/12/12. I last saw him on 2/24/12 and said it could take upto one year to completely heal. I went down to Florida 3/10/12 and just got back to Michigan yesterday evening.
People that go into a hospital for “OUT Patient Surgery” seem to be the ones that are most likely to get a staph infection. They just run us through like cattle and the main concern seems to be the root of all evils……..MONEY! It’s slice & dice just for the bucks. I don’t believe it’s so much the doctors as I believe they
feel the surgery will help. The hospitals are the ones that that rack in the big bucks. About $2,000 to $3,000 per hour for Out Patient Surgery. And if your in for a few days all they want to do is get you to take home a WALKER. They bill Insurance Co. like $85.Then biil the patient another $8.00 for a walker that you could buy in a store for $35. My last operation, I had a girl come into my room to teach me how to use a walker after my release. I told her I had, crutches, a knee roller and a wheel chair at home. I tried the walker after her prodding me to try it. Since I was not supposed to put any weight on my foot the only way I could use a walker would be to hop on one leg. A walker is stupid for a one legged
person. Next day they came to get me to show me how to use a walker when going up or down stairs. I just refused to go with them. Then later when my brother came to take me home, a nurse took me in a wheel chair down to the front door for my brother to pick mr up. While waiting, out comes the girl with a walker. She said you need to take a walker home. I said I didn’t want one and she said it’ won’t cost me anything, but I’ll need it when I get home. I had her put it in the trunk and left. Never used it. The billed Blue Cross and sent me a Co-Pay bill for $7.80. When I go see the doctor on 6/12 I will drop it off at Beaumont Hospital. It’s a shame the hospitals can’t put our health above selling us something. GREED, is the ONLY concern of Every Business in America today.
M O N E Y, is the ONLY driving force in this country today, which is why America will surely fail in the next 15 to 20 years. Greed controls our Government and Businesses.
Good Luck and may God speed your recovery. John 5/22/12


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Posted by @kduley87, May 29, 2012

Staph Infections are a scary thing. I lost my father from MRSA 6 months ago and it all started from an orthoscopic shoulder surgery. The infectious disease doctor first perscribed Vancomycin to be given through his pic line for the first 6 week. Then about 3 months later my father still didn’t feel well and had a blister on his toe. He went back to the infectious disease doctor and he was told he still had MRSA. She led us to believe the antibiotic Xyvox was the “triple-headed snake” and would kill all 3 strands of MRSA. Obviously Xyvox was not the “triple-headed snake” in my father’s case.

Now, a close family friend is in the hospital in a medically induced coma with MSSA. The doctors seems to be proactive but they don’t seem as worried as I think they should be. The MSSA started in his artifical knee then moved to his shoulder and wrist. What antibioitics were perscribed to you? I think he is currently on nafcillin. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

-Kait 5/29/2012

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