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Standing and walking problems.

Posted by @mcharliemc in Brain & Nervous System, Feb 14, 2012

I stumble, clumsiness,sensisity to walking on a surface,difficulty findinf stability in crowds. I also have a tendensy to touch or hold onto something when standing i also feel like i am weighted on one side and it is pulling me without any control. I have had several lumbar surgeries with fusion anyone think this is the problem,
I have been to sports medicine with thurpy and seen several neuro doctors without any help


Posted by @alexsimon, Mar 2, 2012

Hello -
We cannot give any medical advice out over the phone, but if you are interested in talking with a physician at either our MN, FL or AZ campus, please click on the "request an appointment" button on the upper right hand corner of your screen.


Posted by @jifatheryahoocom, Mar 21, 2012

What is your age?


Posted by @jifatheryahoocom, Mar 25, 2012

Check your thyroid hormone levels


Posted by @jimger75, Apr 10, 2012

having same troubles, was told i had possible stiff person sydrome, been havin ivig treatments for about a year now, but being referred to mayo for 2nd opinion,

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