Stage 4 TNBC and Necrotic cells

Posted by moonkryptonite @moonkryptonite, Jul 28 3:31am

My daughter was recently diagnosed with Stage 4 Triple Negative Breast Cancer – it has spread to her liver, lungs, and bones. We were told this week that her tumor has necrotic cells … in the shock of all of this, we didn't ask questions that we now have. Does anyone know exactly what this means? I know that necrotic cells are cells that are dying off – however I would like to know what it means for my daughter. PLEASE do not sugarcoat anything – honesty is best with me.

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"Necrotic cells are dead cells that have undergone necrosis, a form of cell death with necrotic morphology1. Tumor necrosis, foci of necrotic cell death, occurs in advanced solid tumors and is often associated with poor prognosis of cancer patients."

Stage 4 triple negative that has spread to her liver, lungs, and bones with necrotic cells would seem to be a pretty advanced situation. There may be treatments available to give her time. I know a woman who got 10 years with stage 4. But we are lay people on here. What do the doctors say? I hope they are being honest with you and your daughter.

Is she having treatment? What kinds of support does she have? I am so sorry you and your daughter are in this situation.


I believe Windyshores has answered your question. The trauma of hearing your daughter’s diagnosis is why you did not ( could not) ask relevant questions.

I would suggest you go back to your oncology doctors immediately with someone who is involved in a caring way but a bit removed ( a very close friend for example) and can bring your questions up one by one … it’s very difficult to “ take in” some answers in a trauma state, and then lose the ability to ask all the questions.

As you have a diagnosis you need to be exploring ( and possibly demanding) whatever treatment may be available ASAP .

Best to you and your daughter. I hold you both in my heart. 💕


@moonkryptonite, how are you doing? What treatment options are available for your daughter?

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