Stage 4 Pancreatic with liver and lung mets

Posted by tlivac87 @tlivac87, Jun 28 7:20am

My mother (80) was diagnosed with Stage 4 PC in May 2021 with mets to liver and lungs. She started with FOLFIRINOX (5-flurouracil, irinotecan and oxaliplatin) and tolerated it amazingly well. She is still doing a form of that treatment and her liver and pancreas tumor have remained stable. The issue has been her lung mets. There has been continual spread of the lung mets amd the lesions are too small to be ablated. She is on a maintenance dose of steroids to treat the inflammation and pretty much uses oxygen 24/7 at 3-4. Does anyone know of a treatment that targets PC in the lungs? Her doctor originally told her not to worry too much about the lung mets as that’s usually not what kills you with PC but now the lungs are the bug problem.

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