Stage 4 Kidney Cancer swollen Lymph Node CBD oil

Posted by whitefish @whitefish, Nov 25, 2019

I had been in natural remission for 16 months after having my right Kidney removed…I have stage 4 Kidney Cancer that had spread to my Lungs and Pancreas. All previous scans showed upwards of 50% shrinkage before the CBD…I went on the CBD for pain and was using very high dosages of liquid along with pill form. I recently had a CT scan and one of my Lymph Nodes has enlarged a lot, to the point that my Oncologist at Mayo has suggested that I start the Immunotherapy drug Keytruda as soon as possible, all other Tumors were still ok, or completely gone. Being in a state of shock when I was told this, I forgot to mention the high dosage of CBD…Does anyone believe that the CBD could have been an uptake to my Lymph Node? I have just seen in a recent study in England that CBD can uptake to the Lymph Nodes at 300 times ordinary Plasma ?

Hi @whitefish and welcome to the Connect community. I searched for the study that you're referring to. Is this it?
– Oral administration of cannabis with lipids leads to high levels of cannabinoids in the intestinal lymphatic system and prominent immunomodulation

I highly recommend that you contact your oncologist through the Mayo Clinic patient portal and tell him about your concerns and use of CBD. If you are to start immunotherapy, your oncologist may recommend discontinuing the use of CBD. There is some research that indicates that CBD oil interferes with immunotherapy. CBD oil and how it interacts with other drugs is still under study. Here are some articles that may interest you.

I'd also like to bring @jimchardy into this discussion as he has experience with stage 4 kidney cancer and Keytruda that he may be able to share with you.

Whitefish, Do you already use the Mayo patient portal to communicate with your cancer team? If not, I can help you get started.

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