Stage 4 CRC long journey in progress

Posted by mallika58 @mallika58, Jan 16 4:49am

My colorectal cancer had spread to the liver . Drs took a liver first approach- After 6 times folfox I had two liver resections , first in July and 2nd late August – about 70% was removed. I recovered from these surgeries quite quickly. Then 25 cycles radiation concurrent with Xeloda for 33 days 3000mg per day. Ended on 18thOct22.Could manage to go through this. Then after effects have gone really bad- severe diarrhea, fatigue, lack of taste. Small improvement now but still weakness persists and so also sensation to go to toilet. I am unable to move out of the house.
It is now almost three months since completing folfox/radiation and I still feel weak and suffer from motion related problem. Does the recovery take very long? Dr says its a case of acute proctritis and will improve with some more time. Wonder how and when I will be ready for surgery in rectum which is the primary. Have anyone experienced prolonged duration to get over the side effects? Sorry, a long post …

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