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Stage 4 Cancer

Posted by @jlebron in Cancer, May 15, 2012

My ex-husband has been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer in September 2011. I have known my ex since I was 16 yrs old, I am now 45 and he is the father of my two children and my best friend. I am just sick about what he is going through and wanted to open a discussion to maybe find some friends that are going through the same thing. He was first diagnosed with cancer in the liver and has now spread to his lungs, throat, low back. He has been through radiation twice on the lower back and chemo. It seems like he takes 10 steps forward then now 5 steps back. He is now loosing his memory and its scary because I don't know what all to expect. Thank you for listening and just wanted to hear what other people go through and how they cope.

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Posted by @joehamilton, May 15, 2012

jlebron, my mom just past away three weeks ago from lung cancer. She told me before she got really bad that she would die of congestive heart failure, and she did. My mom was loosing her memory also, the doctors told me it was from so much radiation to the brain. Anyways, know that your not alone and just keep the faith.


Posted by @china, May 20, 2012

Sorry. Prayer good. I get scared cause in runs in fam.


Posted by @lj1982, Jun 27, 2012

jlebron My Mom also passed away on June 22 from liver cancer. They said it started either in her ovaries, uterus, or colon but didn't know. She didn't have any signs or symptoms and up until 2 weeks before passing she just started having pains in her side. They said she had so many cancer cells in her liver they couldn't treat her. So we watched her lay in a hospital bed and die. I know someone could have done something for her. She was only 62 and still had so much more to see. One being watching her 14 month old grand-daughter grow up. I am so mad and upset because I lost my best friend. I am coping but it's a slow process. I wish something could have been done to save her. I am glad for you though. Your ex hubby is still hanging in there. Just hope and pray to God that he will get better and rid of that horrible disease.


Posted by @patsdaughter, Jun 27, 2012

I lost my mom in January to stomach cancer. I share your frustration. As a nurse I must say that I have seen patients suffer sometimes worse when families insist on treatments that are aggressive and make patients more miserable. As hard as it was for you those last few weeks.. I believe palliative care is kind. It is the one last gift families can give their loved ones.


Posted by @paterson4646, Dec 7, 2012

Chemo & radiation will make cancer worse .there other are treatment without using chemo or radiation

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