Stage 2, Chronic Kidney Disease Diet

Posted by LindaW @lindaw, Jul 20, 2016

Should I be on a special diet for chronic kidney disease stage 2. I have GFR of 68. I have 15 pounds to lose.

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Hi @lindaw, and welcome to Connect. Managing a specific diet can be challenging in that it takes time to figure out which foods are good versus not and what works best for your body and needs. First, I’ve included some information on chronic kidney disease that you may find helpful as it points out the importance of avoiding foods high in sodium, choosing foods with less potassium and limiting the amount of protein: And here’s some more information on the best diets for kidney disease:

I’m also tagging @irvkay312, @beatckd4fight and @predictable as they have discussed their experiences with kidney disease and may be able to provide some advice. @lindaw, what is your current diet? How have you been managing it thus far?


Great question @lindaw. Very interested in the answer as well. My GFR is 51. My docs tell me not to worry. But of course, I can not do that. Lol


As one with stage 3 kidney disease another experience came to mind through my personal perseverance in understanding the thoroughness of my health conditions. After my 28 radiation treatments for Islet Cell Cancer, I was OK. Then came my intravenious chemo (2 cycles) Adriamyacin and Streptozocin. There after the first cycle. I began having to go to the bathroom about every two hours after going to bed at night. I didn’t give much thought to the warning that “you might get some type of heart or kidney disease 5 years or later after the chemo.” I wanted to maintain my health as best I could–facing epilepsy, migraine headaches, depression and neurological impairments that weren’t treatable. Next came an ability to wake up more at night after which I saw a Nephrologist who said “the chemo did a job on your kidneys,” I went on with 12 more cycles of Sutent and 3 more cycles of Affinitor (both targeted chemo therapy). My continued research showed me to watch my diet, eat fruits and vegetables rather than candy and sweets, so as to try not to move up to stage 4 or highter. On my POLST form I also noted “no dialysis” since my Hospice care was for Cancer and the matter was indicative “that since ther was a fair size growth and 2 uptake areas (the Cancer is in your blood when it gets to your liver my Oncologist said.” Additionally in Hospice, pain medications and kidney damage from chemo can wake me at night and not be able to go to bathroom, or even drip on occasion–so I use pads. These are all things relative to life and living as I see it. You also have a value of computer use, with the ability to ask thes questions, researchKidney diseases and stages, as well as DaVita; where they point out each stage, until the end stage, diet, rest, etc.



@lindaw Here’s the website DaVita that @irvkay213 refers to They have loads of kidney-friendly recipes. Thanks for the tip Kay.


@ lindaw, I am Stage 3 CKD with a recent GFR of 49. In my case, I have to watch my sodium intake and use some potassium-rich foods, but otherwise my diet is just the good-sense nutrition that medicine recommends. My nephrologist selects my hypertension medication carefully to avoid degrading my kidney further. So far, it’s like I am half my age!

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