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Ward Kane

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spouses of bi-polar people

Posted by @wardkane, Nov 1, 2012

Does anyone want to start a discussion for spouse’s of people with bi-ploar disease or depression?



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Posted by @kennethdbass51, Nov 3, 2012

My husband was diagnosed with Bi-polar, Borderline Personality Disorder, Narcissistic,Co-Dependent Personality Disorder, Dependent Personality Disorder and Major Depressive Disorder. He is in denial of his Mental Illness. He has thoughts of suicide many times. Has been confined to Mental Hospital in North Carolina 1996. He has difficulty accepting that he needs treatment and he refuses to take medication prescribed by our Family Physician and Psychiatrist. I separated from my husband, had a Restraining Order filed against him. He became very abusive and he’s having an affair with a female coworker. I found out that the girlfriend has a Criminal Record, and my husband told me on the phone that his girlfriend son has been charged with armed robbery, and another son was a convicted felon for possession of marijuana. Her ex-boyfriend was a Drug Dealer. The girlfriend knew that my husband has a mental illness and she’s taking advantage of him. He gives away his money to support his girlfriend lifestyle. He gives away his money for acceptance, and approval, and appreciation, and sex. He has extremely low self-esteem associated with his Mental illness. He allowed his girlfriend to walk all over him. Any advice, words of encouragement to convince my husband to seek treatment and counseling. Maybe a male friend. My son and I are very concerned for his health and well-being.


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Posted by @andyalabama, Dec 9, 2012

Wow! My wife has FTD (frontal-temporal dementia) a symptom of which is bi-polar. We’ve been married for twelve years with two young children. My wife was a professional working long hours with a very dedicated career. Recently she’s started accepting treatment after a diagnosis at Mayo Jacksonville. She’s had a period of hyper-sexuality with affairs. She’s associated with “friends” similar to the one’s you describe as your husband’s.

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