Sports teams with nagging injured players when they aren't in playoff/

/postseason after period of time?

I mean injury/ies itself/themselves has to be more like nagging moderate to severe that requires an extended period of time. Maybe requires medical intervention as well. After a period of time of course, mainly on the pro level then collegiate/junior/lower level, and beyond. No matter if they are a top, middle, bottom. Especially, in terms of being the captain/s, assistant, and/or alternate one/s as well.

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Hi @anonymous137247 and Welcome to Connect! You bring up a really interesting topic regarding sports injuries.

As a huge sports fan myself, injuries are the most unfortunate part of the game, but being able to watch people come back from severe injuries, such as St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Daniel Poncedeleon getting hit by a line drive in the head, and then making it to the majors the next year, is one of the most inspirational events in sports.

I myself never suffered a severe injury while playing in my grade school or high school days, the worst for me was a slightly sprained ankle, but am curious if this is something you @anonymous137247 experienced or someone close to you. What are some of your experiences with sports injuries and the recovery that comes with them?

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