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spinal surgery

Posted by @merl, Jan 19, 2012

Is anyone aware of success in spinal surgery for sciatica problems



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Posted by @anon50525006, Jan 23, 2012

Hello Merl, I had spinal fusion surgery in August because of severely herniated disk at L4 & L5.
It caused sever pain with my sciatic nerve going down one leg. My surgery was a success, I am still recovering though, as it takes a long time to build up strengh and flexibility again. Make SURE your Doctor comes highly recommened and has had successful surgeries with his patients.

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Posted by @rhogue3666aolcom, Jan 26, 2012

Merl,Thanks so much for your reply!! Good luck in your recovery!


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Posted by @mimiluvs2travel, Mar 5, 2012

who was your doctor?

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