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Spinal Stenosis

Posted by @agreekone in Bones, Joints & Muscles, Oct 19, 2012

I was diagnosed with spinal stenosis about 12 years ago. About six months ago I started experiencing discomfort in my legs. After much neurological testing, I was told that I have a bulging disc (at L7, S1) that is basically choking the nerves in my lumbar spine. Surgery has been highly recommended as, if I don't have this problem corrected, I could lose muscle and possibly end up in a wheel chair.
Any input or support on this subject will be greatly appreciated.


Posted by @anon56837187, Oct 20, 2012

Did you get a second opinion? What are the risks of having the surgery? How many surgeries has this doctor performed? What is the success rate? You don't want to end up in a wheel chair. Are there any alternatives? List all the questions you have and get a surgeon who can answer all your doubts. Together, you can come up with the best treatment. Good luck!


Posted by @ulricberard, Oct 20, 2012

Melody, if that is your name, don't despair but you have just started on an ever increasingly painful journey for the rest of your life. No matter how much you persevere in seeking help, spinal stenosis will win out. Whether you are diligent with medications and maintenance,, open to new or different methodologies, truly compliant with all the varied prescriptions, assiduously proactive in your own behalf, and completely honest with all your doctors but especially towards your pain management, psychiatrist/mental health social worker and of course, your primary care, "gate keeper," giving in to the inevitable questioning, self doubt, finding fault with your doctors and yourself can only lead to quitting on life. Additionally, the loneliness of your chronic pain journey doesn't help either. No matter how much support you may have from friends and family, this terminal experience is your's to embrace or deny, to cope or devolve into anger and darkness. Reach out but not from self pity. In face of ever increasing pain, your response to this one way street can bring you a new found peace and become an inspiration to others. Accept what can't be changed but don't quit. Be open and celebrate who you are who you might yet become. None of us gets a second act.

I am certain that this response is not what you wanted or expected to hear but it is the point where I often am since my own diagnosis of spinal stenosis in 1985. Since I retired over a decade ago, I have experienced over two dozen surgeries with at least one more before the end of this year which will involve fusion at L3, 4 and 5. No fun but it is a reality for my wanting to live and to love. Peace and Bon Voyage!


Posted by @noramesfer, Nov 2, 2012

My cousin has had that surgery twice. It is dangerous but it is worth the risk I feel. With the surgery u have hope of not being in a wheel chair were as without it you will end up in a wheel chair. I hope it all works out for you.


Posted by @agreekone, Nov 2, 2012

Thanks for your post, Nora. Was your cousin's surgery successful? Were there any complications? Any additional information will be appreciated.


Posted by @noramesfer, Nov 3, 2012

Both times went perfectly. No problems at all

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