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spinal stenosis

Posted by @dooley, Apr 10, 2012

i have been diagnosed with spinal stenosis , one toe on each foot is numb, is this a symptom ????


Frazer 1

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Posted by @frazer1, Apr 10, 2012

Dooley, yes It is one of the symptoms, wondering if you also have pain down either leg? I had 2 laminectomies for stenosis, using a Orthopedic surgeron, when I should have gone to a Neurosurgeon, lesson learned. Because of those 2 failed surgeries, I am now fused from C3 to C7 (neck) and L3 to S1 ( lumbar) . Dooley, talk to a neursurgeon , and while you’r there talk to other patients in the waiting room, asks many questions to those who have a simular situation. Wishing you sunshine !!!

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