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Spinal stenosis

Posted by @joma55, May 21, 2012

Back pain is causing me to become more and more dysfunctional. I’m considering operation for spinal stenosis. I also have protuding disks and degeneratead disks throughout the spine. Anyone have spinal stenosis operation and better after it ?

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Posted by @joanneo, May 28, 2012

I have it along with other spinal conditions. All I can advise u is


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Posted by @claudia11, Jun 4, 2012

I have c spine stenosis on an open MRI. Have lots of lower back pain. Have not done anything except had physical therapy

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Posted by @anon79059957, Sep 24, 2013

I had both cervical & lumbar surgery 5 weeks apart at Mayo AZ. BEST decision I ever made!


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Posted by @rondac, Jun 7, 2012

Ronda C here. I just had the back surgery for this. First I found a Doctor that had done 75 of these surgeries that would do it on his own family. This made me trust him and he was very willing to explain everything that would be done. After a 6 week recooperation and I now pain free. I was having electric shocks from my low back all the way down my leg to foot. Felt like I was on fire. My spinal cord was herniated and sticking out through a hole and two disk were not touching. Not much room there at all. If you get a good doctor and do what they tell you after which includes walking all you can. You will be so happy, I am now relieved and well. Had to put pins&screws and a cage for bone to fuse my L4L5 disk.
They took some bone from my pelvis for this and it has healed really great. Don’t suffer, just find a good doctor up to date on what now works and what did not work in the past.

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Im- not- crazy

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Posted by @imnotcrazy, Jun 7, 2012

That sounds rough unless er are experiencing the same stuff we will never really know what your going thruough I am Glad YOUR PAIN IS BETTER. TAKE GOOD CARE OF YOURSELF.


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Posted by @zorone, Jun 14, 2012

sounds like we have had the same operation. I’m 65 years of age and had the lumbar fusion in 2010. Just have pain off & on in the sacroilliac area, rt. & left.
I had L4 & L5 done in 2005. Then I needed L2 thru L5 done later.;
I’d love to hear from you.

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in pain

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Posted by @inpain, Jul 29, 2012

Now, that sounds like the most happiest outcome that I have heard on L4 and 5 and sciatica down both legs.I have tried the injections, the epidurals and temporary pain killers but they are not working. The muscle relaxant helped the most but I don’t want to depend on pills. A Dr. is in approval on my HMO and I pary he is as good as yours. singned, in pain


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Posted by @zorone, Jun 14, 2012

Much better after lumbar fusion. Marcia


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Posted by @zorone, Jun 16, 2012

I had the degenerating discs and that is why I had Fusion.

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