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Spinal pain, COPD, sleep apnea symptoms

Posted by @guineapig, Sep 12, 2012

Because of chest pain, sweating, and gasping for air in the middle of the night, I’m scheduled for a sleep study. Has anyone noticed if there seems to be a connection between pain coming from the spine and symptoms of sleep apnea? I’ve noticed relief when I get an atlas adjustment from my Chiropractor, but it’s not permanent, and I have had for several years a lot of pain in my neck, shoulders, and between my shoulder blades that seems to radiate especially under my left arm to my left pectorals. Occasionally it includes my right pectorals. Cardiology tests 4 years ago revealed nothing, and pulmonology tests revealed COPD (non-smoker). If I’ve had sleep apnea for years, could that cause COPD? Could all be caused by neurological issues from the spine? Could it also be caused by GERD, which I might also have?



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Posted by @anon62075072, Sep 26, 2012

Keep posting! I have same symptoms following up with doctors.. Thinking a sleep study is next. I get migraines, headaches during the day and night. I find taking deep breaths at night helps relieve some head pain.


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Posted by @guineapig, Sep 26, 2012

I had the sleep study, I see Dr. for results tomorrow, pulmonologist followup day after tomorrow. Am researching “cervical angina”, and will ask both doctors more questions. Most docs are more interested in treating symptoms than prevention or cures. I want to know WHY I have these symptoms, and what I can do to make them go away. I used to get migraines, but apparently the occasional atlas adjustment (I go 830 miles away for a NUCCA specialist) has helped with that, and all my symptoms ease after an adjustment, but I can’t travel that far every time I need one. I’ve tried other chiropractors, even NUCCA ones, but I don’t get the same results. At night I subconsciously sleep mostly on my left side. When I roll over in the middle of the night onto my back, I subconsciously put both arms over my head. It seems to relieve the pain and help me breathe better, but they eventually get numb and cold. I also used to have IBS/C (chronic constipation) but am taking GoodBelly Juice, seems to be the only thing that I’ve found that works and is not a laxative. My husband believes it’s polluted air, and insists that I wear a painter’s mask when I go outside to do yardwork, but if that’s the case, I must be more sensitive than everyone around me. I still think it’s coming from my spinal nerves tightening (spasm) the muscles in and around my lungs and heart….


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Posted by @yusofa, Oct 9, 2012

Look at “United Hayek” website and ask your doc if you have more than 1 problem, all connected, maybe to central sleep apnea, which does affect heart in some cases. Also, if you had an accident, or family history of bone loss, or growth problems, etc., they could be a problem that also is connected to the nervous system. Because of my stenosis of my spine, I get a lot of problems I have to avoid. As for the central apnea, after episode, I get migraines, eye pain, sleep problems, and asthma or COPD, even my docs have no answers. If you have questions, I am here if you think I can help.

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