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spinal fusion

Posted by @kkyzar, Jun 26, 2012

My husband’s doctor wants to do a spinal fusion on about 8 to 12 discs.
Doctor said recovery would be about a year. I am worried about infections and the fact that it is permanent and wonder if the risks out way the benefits. I would love to hear from anyone who has experienced spinal fusion.

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Posted by @zorone, Jul 8, 2012

Hi! I had s lumbar fusion L-2 thru L-5 in 2010. It has eased a lot of the pain.
I don’t seem to be too stiff. I do have some pain around the SI joint on the right side. I’m getting injections for that & P.T.

I was afraid of the operation at first, but has really helped.

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Posted by @patck, Aug 5, 2012

Which level? I’ve discovered first hand a cervical fusion is more risky. Mine was C2 to T2. I will have a long recovery.


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Posted by @johncarf51, Oct 26, 2012

Since 2005 i have had 3 cervical fusions once with plates inserted and 3 lumbar also with plate inserted.All i can say is dont expect a complete recovery .It will take a long time.Last surgery was 1 month ago to clean out bone chips and remove scar tissue from previous surgeries.If you can live with the pain your better off because there is no guarentee all your pain will go away.

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