Spinal disease

Posted by akc @akc, Jan 4, 2022

Is there anyone else on this platform who has been diagnosed with cervical stenosis, myelopathy and radiculopathy? Basically what I have been told is I have CSM with spinal cord damage and I am trying to walk as long as I can. I was diagnosed on December 10th 2020, no surgery yet.

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Hello Akc, Yes, I had cervical stenosis with mild myelopathy and spinal cord compression. I didn't have radiculopathy which is compression of the nerve roots, but I did experience some of that by side bending when my collapsed C5/C6 disc was still in place. It had collapsed about 50%, and when I bent sideways, it did alarm the nerves to my arms, so I can imagine what it might be like to live with that all the time. I had ACDF (spinal fusion) surgery 5 years ago and it made a huge difference. I am pain free today. It was a couple years before I could find a surgeon to help me, and I finally found him at Mayo. I would have done surgery much sooner, but local surgeons didn't understand my case and didn't want to operate. Spinal cord compression in the neck can affect the ability to walk. I had intermittent issues with an uneven gait because of the degree of spinal cord compression that I had.

I know this can be challenging to live with when you wonder if things will always be this way. If you have been told you have spinal cord damage, it surprises me that you have not been offered surgery to decompress the spinal cord. You have already waited a year since the diagnosis. Would you consider getting another opinion at a well respected medical center?

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