Posted by calebba @calebba, Feb 1, 2016

My son was born with this blood disorder 21 years ago. Its been a long hard journey. Anyone else out there with this?

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He also has aortic stenosis, trigeminal neuralgia, degenerative disc,artheritits,mega colon, hearing impairment, hypo gonadism,asthma, high functioning autism, accessory navicular, kidney forms stones frequently due to body doesnt produce potassium citrate, and had a spleenectomy at age 7 and gall bladder removed at age 3.


Hi @calebba,
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I’m tagging @kwhit71 who was also diagnosed with spherocytosis.

In this discussion thread vsd and aortic stenosis, you’ll meet @judytru and others. Judy’s daughter is now 27. https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/my-3-month-old-had-surgery-thursday-for-vsd-repair-yesterday-he/

In the Brain & Nervous System group several people are sharing about trigeminal neuralgia on this discussion thread https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/trigeminal-neuritisneuralgia-treatment/

It is clear that you and your son are no strangers to the health care system. What has the transition been like as your son moves into adulthood?

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