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Sorry I haven't been around. So...I was raped and had to have

Posted by @lain59, Jul 20, 2013

Sorry I haven’t been around. So…I was raped and had to have surgery four days before my birthday. My husband and the police said I probably asked for it. The surgeon
refused to do the post op because “I lied, and I am Bipolar and was raped”. Now, someone has been hacking my life…computer, facebook and the worst : they called my doctors posing as my insurance threatening their licenses if they did not take me off all the meds that keep me stable. Now, my psychiatrist is doing just that. My insurance said stay on them until I can talk to him. They are doing an internal investigation but he is adamant to remove everything. I simply cannot fall apart and go through the horrible depression and anxiety and hospitalization again. Plus, my youngest was taken off his meds last year by Dad and had a complete psychotic breakdown. He is very fragile and afraid; if I am in a hospital he is alone with Dad whom he fears.
I got a sweet chocolate Dobie named Coco. I have been retraining her because she was a rescue from abuse. They are very Velcro and companion animals so the worst punishment is to put her in the bedroom for five minutes. However, she is very jealous and must get along with our other pets. She nearly blinded my Jap Chin, Bonsai.
I have loads of paperwork and seem to not get anything done. Have not showered in five days.


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