Sore throat

Posted by Anonymous @anon87137376, Nov 7, 2012

Hi I live in South Dakota and I have had a sore throat for about 3 weeks now was on meds (z-pack) but got sick to my stomach from them..anyways I don’t have strep or I didn’t have it a week ago and I have already had mono. I have a cough sorta and starting to get a little chess pain help?

You really need to be seen. My throat was sore for many months but only on one side and I also was treated with antibiotics. It turned out to be tonsil cancer and also lymph node cancer so don’t play around get checked immediately!!!! Patty Jean


how terrible what is the treatment. I have had 2 yrs of constant mucus and saliva and catches back by my tonsils I still have. did yo have lots of mucus? my drs ents, gi and neuro at duke and unc are still baffled and think it is a 5h cranial nerve problem. it is more pain beside my left nose and never goes away!! help

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