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son vomitting

Posted by @chellrwb in About Kids & Teens, Apr 8, 2013

My 13 year old son has been vomiting since Thanksgiving. He has sever stomach pain and some days vomits over 50 times. He has had an upper GI, EDG scope, and empty stomach test. The GI was normal and the only thing that show on the EDG was when he touch one area with the scope his stomach reched. The first empty stomach test what was the nuclear test was normal but then did one with two tubes down his nose and that did show that his stomach didn't move like it should. He has been on arithazine which didn't work then doniperdone which work for about 10 days now is on anatriptaline but that doesn
t seem to work either. He has missed so much school and feels horrible

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Posted by @kirsty281, Apr 12, 2013

Sounds like gastroparesis. Get a second opinion. It is difficult to diagnosis but keep advocating for your son. I have gastroparesis and have had many issues and had to have a gastrectomy. If you are on FB there are quite a number of great gastroparesis groups that could offer support and advice. Good luck!!!


Posted by @chellrwb, Apr 12, 2013

He is being treated for gastrparesis. Thank you I will check out on FB for some support.

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