Something other than COVID preventing me to take deep breaths

Posted by optimusprime @optimusprime, Jun 25, 2021

I've been experiencing slight discomfort in my spleen/stomach area that comes and goes for the past couple or so years or so. I always thought it was just due to me being a carnivore diet and lifestyle.

6-9 months before COVID I started to have dry heaves – usually in the morning when I shower.

Fast forward approx 6 months ago I started to feel shortness of breath. So I started to do some cardio. 3 months ago I noticed I regularly have trouble taking in deep breaths – to the point that it hurts and I can't take a full deep breath to let out a yawn.

This month I'm starting to feel fatigued more than ever, and the problem hasn't gone away. Not sure if any of the above problems are related or separate…

So I went to the ER and they had taken a chest x ray and did some blood tests which both came out looking normal. However their lab messed up on my last troponin test, and since I was in the ER taking up room for 8 hours already, they discharged me saying that it shouldn't be that aspect that's causing the issue. But they discharged me without giving me a clear answer as to what is causing the issue. They figured it's muscle strain.

But my condition really haven't improved and I'm experiencing more fatigued and there's that constant feeling that something is near my spleen/stomach area. I was also tested (twice) negative for COVID. I also feel more bloated and am experiencing more severe bouts of dry heaves but at the same frequency.

Could this be cancer?

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@optimusprime First, welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. We are fellow patients, caregivers, and family members, sharing our health journeys and experiences with others. We are not doctors, and we do not give medical advice, nor do we diagnose conditions.

Have you seen a dr other than an emergency room? It seems an internist would be a good idea to connect with, who will address your problems.

It can be frustrating and confusing to have discomfort. I hope you will consider getting to a doctor, and come back to let us know what you find out.


It could be cancer, but it could be a hundred other things as well. I would add to Gingers comments and even add a little urgency to that. Please get an appointment for a really complete exam by a doctor. Sometimes it is a lot more painful than serious and can be easily fixed. Sometimes you can head off a more serious problem. That being said, no one should just live with air hunger or pain. Please let us know how you are doing.

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