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someone please help me

Posted by Anonymous-6cdc924e in About Kids & Teens, Aug 12, 2012

okay im almost 16 years old, for the past few years i slowly started getting pretty bad stomach aches from certain foods for ex if i had pizza one night the whole next day id barely be able to get through school i would feel so awful, and over time i slowly would get sick from certain foods and over time i ate less and less because i hated that sick feeling and now for the longest time ive barely been eating anything and have had to quit sports and my stomachs always the worst in the morning so i didnt even have sleepovers anymore. all gastros say its functional abdominal pain or abdominal migraine or some broad term like that, but ive seen counselors, been on anti anxietys, tried anti depressants (make me feel worse) then in jan, i got a headache and it affected my vision and it is now august and i had to quit school because my vision is messed up, and even watching tv it hurts and i get awful temple headaches the only vision prob i have is eye accomdative insuffiency and ive had that for years, as of now i am on a ng tube and im up to three cans and i feel extremley sick. im on a waiting list to go to rodgers anxiety and ocd in septemeber but i had a bad experience at a week in a hospital and i dont feel its anxiety related but going there i would have extreme anxiety because being forced to eat when you feel extremley sick away from home would be hell, and im on the waiting list for mayo but my spots not up till novemeber. i really want to be checked out before then, because im afraid somethings being completley missed. im also hoping the feeding tube gets easier fover time and makes it easier to eat and im hoping it jurt hurts because my stomachs not used to the pain and once it is itll be easier to eat but im really scared because no dr realizes how much pain i am in, i have had ct, xrays, small bowel follow thru, blood tests, i also had a low copper and high billirubian but the dr said its nothing to be worried about. im on my third day of tube feeding and i havent noticed a relief in eye straighn, headache, eye focusing, light sensitivity. pleasse help im miserable. also i have seen a neurologist who just put me in the hospital for dhe treatment, to which did nothing for me. and ive seen eye doctors.


Posted by @undiagnosedsickgirl, Aug 12, 2012

oh and i had endoscopy, which found mild gastritis which i took a med for but it was nothing serious, most of my tests were over a year ago though, i also have excessive burping and have only eaten like a few things a day for the longest time and i drink a lot of gatorade just for the calories but im nto able to eat anything now with the tube because my belly hurts so bad. i saw an allergist who said i had a slight reaciton to ragweed and thats it and if my stomachs just not used to food and thats why im sick how long of being tube fed would help adjust that feeling? and if it started as an ibs mild thing and just progressed to this level and i just need to refeed myself, idk what to do anymore, ive been trying to eat more btu i bloat up i could have a little rice and my stomach would be huge. my safe foods have been soup, sapplesauce, some crackers, and a piece of toast. and im getting mad at the doctors who constantly think cbt will fix this, and shipping me off somewhere or putting me on an anti depressant which makes me feel worse. im trying so hard by just being on this feeding tube thats making me sick and everyday i pray this will all be over and i will be back to the way i used to be eating footlong subs and stuff and none of the drs even isten anymore and they think im just crazy or hypersensitive.

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Posted by @isabella1, Aug 13, 2012

seek a doc who spesalizes in tummy problems . you are so young .. so sorry u have been throughb so much


Posted by @undiagnosedsickgirl, Aug 13, 2012

ty, i have seen 4 for the past few years but i walk in and they have a impression on me right away from there notes and since tests come back fine although im hoping if i can get into mayo they will re do some. im wondering even if my tests on stomach come back fine if there could be other reasons not related to any disease it just is so severe to be like ibs for me since i can barey eat.. idk anymore:/


Posted by @anon49625688, Aug 19, 2012

Have you tried really potent digestive enzymes and probiotics? Eating only whole foods (no processed foods with additives)? I have to do this. I drink only filtered water, carrott juice, and almond milk. I can eat only stuff I cook like boiled rice, steamed fish and veges. No sauce. No butter. Just plain.


Posted by @eyehateheadaches, Aug 26, 2012

Oh, no! My brother has had diarrhea for the past 12 weeks. He just had a colonoscopy and they found nothing wrong. He can eat whatever and gets hungry, but nothing has helped his diarrhea. He decided to try a gluten free diet for two weeks starting last Friday. I'll let u know how it goes.


Posted by @eyehateheadaches, Aug 26, 2012

Oh, and he's 6'1 and 135 lbs.


Posted by @gregoryd, Sep 5, 2012

I have been diagnosed with SIBO. I have been, and currently am experiencing many of the G.I. and health Problems that you are: stomach is terrible, vision is degraded, headaches, and so on. I have been to many doctors and spent thousands of dollars trying to get a proper diagnosis. I am finally seeing some hope. My new doctor is very sharp. But most of all he's a real person and I trust him. He is testing my stool, my saliva, and everything else. When our intestines are out of whack, it wreaks havoc on our immune system, digestion, and overall health. The tests he is doing are not the typical ones most MD's perform. He's says there's a reason for that: most tests are generalized and these are in depth and specific. He's diagnosis is malabsorption of nutrients caused by bacterial overgrowth in my small intestine. This was confirmed by a Mayo Clinic G.I. I would suggest that you test for this. I have been on and off antidepressants for anxiety as well. I told them I don't have depression or anxiety, but they wouldn't listen. If your intestinal bacteria are not in balance, it can cause many, many conditions throughout your body. Google "Chris Kresser", and read his articles and it will make more sense. I wish you well.

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Posted by @darrylsmom, Sep 8, 2012

Have drs checked for Gastroperisis? My son has been through the same symptoms and that is what he was diagnosed with many drs later. He is 17 and is going through very tough times, he had to quit sports s well.

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