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Sodium levels

Posted by @genia35, Oct 6, 2012

My brother in law is 40 he has diabetes type 1 and he has had several infections one of which has caused the lose of a portion of his foot. Now he is having a problem with urinating almost if not all the sodium from his body to the extent of having to have IV’s of sodium. He used to weigh over 320 he used to wear size 48 pants and now is in a size 32 within last 4-5 years not from trying. Everything he eats goes right through him either way. He feels bad if his sugar is less than 500 he is always weak can hardly stand and always cold he shakes violently. He has been in hospital several times with no solution. He has been in Lutheran hospital in Ft Wayne and St. Rita’s in Lima and the very best in the world Cleveland Ohio. NO ONE looks for the problem every test comes back normal but this ain’t normal. And his sugar crashes unexpectedly. He gives himself a shot so he can eat and after he eats he vomits and then his sugar crashes. We as a family need help because all we can do is sit and watch him wither away.


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