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Social anxiety Disorder

Posted by @nay313 in Mental Health, Sep 28, 2012

Hello Everyone, I am currently suffering from social anxiety disorder, it bothers me from day to day and I don't know how or when it started. I'm always worried about how people view me and what they may think of me. I don't talk to many people and its not that i don't want to but I worry about saying something wrong or doing something stupid and nowadays if you don't look like you know what your saying people would bash you and hurt your feelings in the most painful way, I don't really go out as much unless i'm with my identical twin and some of our friends and even that kind of gets me anxious. Sometimes I hide these feelings because i don't want people to know but really it affects me everday. I hate that it affect my thinking and even how i view myself, relationship with my family and friends. I worry if this would be something I'll deal with for the rest of my life and these same reoccurring feelings will come back. Have anybody suffer this, and know how to cope or stop it?

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Posted by @annheaney, Sep 28, 2012

Yes, I have social anxiety and tend to run away from authority figures. When I really like someone I get self critical. My therapist and I are working on other things. When I have things settled then I will address social anxiety. I am afraid to answer the phone, for example. Some of this is biochemical and some has environmental factors. Just imagine. You would not treat a friend as bad as you treat yourself. 'that part has been covered between my therapist and me. Like you I have a lot to work on. And it is not our fault. As to whether it will last the rest of our lives I do not know. If I were you I would tell your mental health professionals what I have told you. Maybe you need more medicine and/or therapy. I have the right medicine and need therapy every 2 or 3 weeks. Con-
sider what I have told you.


Posted by @anon36854734, Oct 2, 2012

I am 27 years old. I have anxiety. Where ever i go. What ever i do. I just think bad stuff. I dont what to do. I feel sad. I dont know how to explain it. My whole body hurts. I get really tired.


Posted by @annheaney, Oct 2, 2012

I would talk to your psychiatrist and/or therapist. They know how to treat this stuff.
Anxiety always goes away. The relapses are temporary. I hope this comforts you.
Exercise regularly helps. You do not have to be alone in dealing with anxiety. I would definately tell your mental health professionals. If you do not have mental health professionals I suggest that you ask your primary doctor to refer you to a psychiatrist and a therapist.. One former psychiatrist said to ask for referrals and referrals of referrals. I have both a ;psychiatrist and a therapist that I am comfortable with...You may have more than anxiety. I hope that this helps.


Posted by @anon36854734, Oct 9, 2012

I talked to my primary doctor. He gave me this madications. But. Is the shorten of breath from the anxiety or is it something els. I did all me blood test i have done the EKG. Everything comes put good normal. But the thing is that. I have stress and. I think a lot of thought. I dont feel my self. Is it from the anxiety or stress.


Posted by @piglit, Oct 9, 2012

Hi Anna could news that the results have come back all okay. I am not a dr but have had shortness of breath due to anxiety, so from past expereince in answer to your question I would be inclined to think that it is a combination of anxiety and also being stressed for the way that your feeling. Tell you dr that you are still having these feelings as it's important for him to be aware and it also helps to talk about it. Try to relax with exercise and slow deep breathing can help as well, both of these heave helped me as well as lavender oil or cream. Take care Always here anytime Piglit


Posted by @anon36854734, Oct 10, 2012

Yeah my doctor he knows about everything what i feel. And he said try to help your self try to give out you bad thought. Stop thinking about negativ think positiv. But still. I keep thinking. Of bad thought. I dont go out to much. I hide my feeling from people. I feel ia only me like this. I dont i this gonne go away. I try going out but still is the same every where i go. I dont know what to do. Sometimes i feel sad.


Posted by @piglit, Oct 10, 2012

Hi sweetie try to think more positively it does help and also try to go out a little even if it's for a walk it does help. We do have to help ourselves as much as we can, I know that it can be hard but give it a try Take care always here Piglit


Posted by @newwest72, Oct 13, 2012

Dear Annie......I have missed our communication. How are you? We are getting winter here on the coast of Canada.....rain, rain, rain. You are coming into summer. Are you feeling any better and are you on medical leave? Miss you. Mary Ann


Posted by @piglit, Oct 13, 2012

Hi Mary Ann I am okay have started back at work in residential care working in a nursing home and enjoying the work very much, but finding it physically wearing. How are you/ You are on my friends list and can talk to me anytime Lovely to hear from you take care Annie


Posted by @annheaney, Oct 11, 2012

I agree with Piglit. Make a point to think positively. When you have negative thoughts tell them to bug off. Do you worry too much? I do. You and your doctor may want to talk about worry. If you do worry too much there ;is a book written for kids, but it can be used for adults also. My therapist suggested it. " What to Do When You Worry Too Much - A Kid's Guide to Overcoming Anxiety." The author is Dawn Huebner, Ph.D. It is a fun way to fight worry.


Posted by @piglit, Oct 2, 2012

Hi I have suffered anxiety nearly all my life starting from a very young age. With anxiety it comes and goes on different levels. If your on a higher level of stress the anxiety will increase, if everyhting is going fairly okay around you the anxiety will decrease. I don't take medication for mine as I can't due to other medical problems and being on a blood thinner. I take only a little 2mg valium at night, With anxiety try to slow deep breath this helps and long walks in open spaces. I can fully understand the way you feel and at times it is very difficult to deal with. Talk to your dr he maybe able to offer advice, Relaxation techniques may also help. You are feeling tired as the anxiety is too high try to relax if you can. Try not to fight the feelings of anxiety that you have but go with the flow of it and it will subside. Take care always here anytime if you need me Piglit


Posted by @anon36854734, Oct 4, 2012

Does anxiety make you feel very tired. And does is make you think about bad thoughts.


Posted by @piglit, Oct 4, 2012

Anxiety can make you tired at times but I feel that to try to stay positive and then the thoughts and anxiety will start to subside. I find that when my anxiety levels get to high that I try to wind myself down. Try to think or do things that bring you happiness. Positivity has been my strength and pulling on my inner strength as well. Take care and always here if you need to talk. Piglit


Posted by @annheaney, Oct 5, 2012

As a person who has been diagnosed with clinical anxiety, the symptoms that you are posting are indicative of somebody who needs a health care professional. A psychiatrist might be able to give you a prescription in order to help you. You may want to go to a therapist as well. If you have anxiety you may have other psychiatric disorders. According to a former psychiatrist most people with mental illness have more than just one thing that is wrong. Be as open with the professionals as you are with us.


Posted by @anon36854734, Oct 7, 2012

I take madications for anxiety. Its xanax. But i dont wanna get addictit to that.


Posted by @annheaney, Oct 7, 2012

I suggest that you tell your doctor that you are afraid of getting addicted to Xanax. You are the customer and have a right to know.


Posted by @piglit, Oct 7, 2012

I agree with Ann talk to your dr if you have any concerns in regards to your medications. Take care


Posted by @annheaney, Oct 7, 2012

Piglet, thanks for suggesting that anna777 open up with her psychiatrist. We all need to get everything out of our psychiatrists and therapists that we can. This all comes down to survival.


Posted by @piglit, Oct 7, 2012

Hi Ann my saviour over the years has been talking through the issues and concerns that I have had. We do need to do this to get help and feel better. Thanks for your kind words Take care Piglit


Posted by @annheaney, Oct 7, 2012

Hello Piglit, there is a limit to what psychiatric medicines can do. They do not cure people. They make things easier to manage through therapy and other pursuits. My meds are in balance. So I am focusing on therapy visits every two or three weeks. I have a lot to work on. This is because I have a psychotic mood disorder - Schizoaffective disorder. Clinical anxiety, clinical depression and hearing voices are characteristics of this illness.. I also have Seasonal Affective Disorder where I experience other depression until the warmer, lighter months offer more light. There is a biochemical basis for this. Although nothing can be as good as regular sunlight. I use a light box and take an extra antidepressant to off set the blues. My therapist uses a light box. I need her expertise in dealing with all of this stuff. Thank God for therapists too.


Posted by @piglit, Oct 8, 2012

Hi Ann. I have been blessed with a wonderful G.P. who has been my saviour for over thirty five years. Unfortunately didn't have much luck with the therapist side of things lost faith in the one I was seeing as was taken advantage of for all the wrong reasons. I was put onto so many different meds to try to help and they did nothing but eventually took my health hence the commencement of my clotting problems. I am happy for you that you have the trust in your therapists to give you the support and care to help you. Take care Piglit


Posted by @callers, Sep 29, 2012

Meds, therapy, perhaps some different friends? There are some reasonably nice people in the world. I deal with this somewhat also. You must be a very nice person to care what others think. So many people only care about themselves. If possible take it easy on yourself. Your worth has nothing to do with what people that would resort to bashing think of you. Psalm 139 says, "I am wonderfully made.". That includes you. You are going to get this worked out.

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Posted by @annheaney, Oct 1, 2012

Your message is encouraging. If I can accept others, then I should accept myself.
Part of what you said - I am wonderfully made - makes sense. We are all in this together in this support group. One person helps me. Then I help someone else.
Glad to read your post Cailer's.


Posted by @newwick, Sep 30, 2012

Hello nay313: I'm an old man now and no longer suffer they way you do. I figured out a lot of things and have some help for you. I graduated from college and 3 years of psychotherapy which did me only a little good. When I left I wondered if I would ever find out what was causing my neurosis. It seems so obvious now but when you're trying to look inward your blind. It took me 20 years to figure out that I had grown up terrified of people, some more others less. I was conscientious of what people thought of me, dreaded going to job interviews, nervous around many others and in addition I was known as a NUT CASE by people who had to associate with me. I've heard things about me from friends that make me wonder what could have been going through my mind? And I used to have anxiety attacks.
What I figured out is that it is all about fear. The best way to conquer fear is to face it but that is very anxiety provoking. And it can be so terrifying that facing it will do you little good. The good news is that help may be coming. And I did it. You don't know what I'm talking about so google DOI:10.4236/psych.2012.38093 ,second link from the top.
Young man, my life was largely a wasted, unpleasant experience and yours can be that way also. And it will be if you don't do anything to change it around. My childhood and adulthood was consumed by fear. All I got out of it was my old age and I didn't get all of that. We all got screwed one way or another and none of us did anything to deserve what happened to us. What you have isn't going to go away by itself. My advice to you is to go to a behavioral psychologist and show him/her the DOI which just got published (he probably doesn't know about it).
Once you get your fear under control it's a whole different ball game. Things you worry about now won't have any meaning to you then. I know from experience that you are very lonely and when you start interacting with others yours will go away.
Instead of accepting crumbs from others, you will be able to compete and can get your share of the pie. And so on.
nay313, I wish you what you deserve: Newell Heywood


Posted by @lain59, Sep 30, 2012

I take Ativan which helps a bit but now I am trying Mindfulness, a Zen like approach. Let it flow through you like current and dissipate. Life is absurd. People are absurd in their constrictive tiny boxes. Life moves on. What matter what they think? To agonize over social mistakes, will it matter? No. I don't think so. You sound like a real person to me. Real. That is what matters. People behind their social masks hidden in their snug little worlds are sad. Be free and be whoever you wish. Life is learning. We learn from our successes but tend to ignore them instead, blowing up painful mistakes.


Posted by @chey1enne, Oct 15, 2012

I like that meditation can be so elating the body and mind are so intertwined when one is out of balance so is the other. Chey


Posted by @bettyann, Oct 15, 2012

For the people who want them --psychotropics drugs aree OK...but I would try ALL other avenues first..because what usually happens is: you start getting obsessed about the drugs! one way or another. I would try hypnotherapy...or perhaps joing a support group...I have a friend and the group helped her tremendously. Good luck!


Posted by @chey1enne, Oct 15, 2012

Hi I also suffer same I have been helped greatly with psychotherapy and meds I still get attacks if I am driving and I don't know where the destination is even with a gos. Chey


Posted by @piglit, Oct 15, 2012

I too agee with Betty to try different avenues. Group interaction can be very benefical. to many people. It maybe well worth a try. Take care


Posted by @annheaney, Oct 18, 2012

You need to talk to your psychiatrist about this. The chemicals in your brain de-
termine how you think. It is up to both you and your doctor to know your symptoms . Then the psychiatrist determines whether there is a chemical imbalance in your brain. Ask your doctor whether you need psychotropic drugs. Not taking drugs when you need them is dangerous. Let your doctor lead.


Posted by @anon56837187, Oct 18, 2012

I believe the best way is to talk about it and face it. Learn to improve yourself. Accept your errors. Tell yourself it is okay to make mistakes. Don't criticize yourself. Move forward. Believe in yourself. Be confident.


Posted by @chloe1983, Dec 1, 2012

I also suffer from social anxiety. I've spent most of my life trying to will it away, calling myself a perfectionist, and doing my best to hide the signs of nervousness. It became unbearable during law school, and i started taking Fluoxetine. It helped a lot to reduce the constant fear and "take the edge off." I no longer was overcome with dread at the prospect of going to class or a cocktaill party.

The chemical tweak from the Fluoxetine was only maybe half the battle though. I still disliked that I didn't enjoy social activities like everyone else seems to. I still looked at that as though it was a problem or abnormality--something that I wish I could fix. I've now figured out that refusing to accept that aspect of myself actually compounded the problem. I was already my own biggest critic in every other aspect of life. It really was unfair of me to also beat myself up for my highly attuned sensitivity to others.

I read an article in Time Magazine about a year ago that changed that entirely. It was an article about "the introvert," that basically sang the praises of the introvert. Honestly, it was like my life, thoughts, emotions, interests, and everything else started making sense. I've read some of the books cited in that article now and it's been life-changing. It's changed my whole perspective and helped me understand my needs. And best of all, I don't treat my love for solitude and discomfort of big social life as a disease that should be fixed. One of the books was called Quiet - The Introvert in a World that Can't Stop Talking (or something close to that).

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